Lalli, 2022

HD video with sound, 8:45 min 


The Lalli machine was designed to detect false memories and to distinguish them from original, truly lived, events.

The name of the machine originates from a famous peasant named Lalli in Finnish folklore, who according to one of the legends slayed Bishop Henrik on the lake of Köyliönjärvi during the 12th century. Currently this beloved historical character has begun turning from a legend into a myth as modern historians have critiqued the lack of physical evidence of Lalli’s existence.

Potkukelkka, 2022

HD video with sound, 03:19 min


Potkukelkka is part of a larger body of work, where I’m exploring physical and digital world’s relationship and world building through PC-game Heroes Might and Magic III – Map Editor programme. I’ve created a digital map of my childhood home’s surroundings, where specific locations are highlighted and the viewer has a chance to explore these places by clicking the animated spots. Potkukelkka is one of the clickable spots, where a looping video of a kicking sledge emerges on the screen. Kicking sledge has a special place in my family and in this piece I’m looking into its nostalgic status and how sometimes these pieces evolve into magical relics.