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My Buster


In My Buster, two etched dog x-rays are displayed on an x-ray illuminator in a fictional setting at a vet’s clinic. My Buster explores the relationships we have with our domesticated pets and visualizes a future scenario, where body enhancements have become part of our everyday lives. The piece is part of an ongoing fabricated fictional narrative exploring how attached we are to our pets, and our increasing incapability to respect the natural course of events. Through depicting animals with biomechanical enhancements in order to prolong their lives, the work ponders our desperation to sustain and preserve our loved ones, even by defying death itself.


Through drawing I imagine what living beings would look like if they had biometrics embedded within their bodies, being enhanced by laboratory manipulation.


My Buster, 2022

Etching on x-rays displayed on an x-ray illuminator

47 x 74 x 15 cm


X-RAY ii, 2022

Etching on an x-ray film

30 X 24 cm

X-RAY i, 2022

Etching on an x-ray film

42 X 30 cm


Organ Sketch, 2022

Markerpen on paper

29.7 x 21 cm

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