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The house was empty within 15 minutes. Only essentials were packed and maybe one or two sentimental trinkets. The house was definitely loved, they would have probably called it their home. They had even left a note asking for someone to look after it. We found an old version of a Trotsky, model 3.5, it probably won’t even last more than 5 years and it can’t even fix itself anymore. Perhaps the note was left for this robot, or maybe it was written for someone seeking refuge? Either way, they’re asking for someone to take care of their home, which is naive but quite beautiful.

Trotsky 3.5, 2020
Marker pen and charcoal on wallpaper
215 x 344 cm

Trotsky 3.5 is a large wall mural based on my own fictional story about an abandoned home, where the previous occupants have left a robot dog called Trotsky 3.5 to watch over their house.


The piece has been created in an artifiical set, complete with a fabricated pane and fireplace, which inspired me to write a short story responding to the piece. The created home was inspired by my grandma’s kitchen, where the modern robot and the old woman’s living space meet, combining my own nostalgia with the invented people’s sentimental value for the fictitious space.


Installation view

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